We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Black Butte Range, formerly Three Sights Range. Our new team is comprised entrepreneurial, business-savvy men who have a passion for all things shooting. We promise to provide our members and customers a consistently evolving inventory that is unique to our area along with the best knowledge in the industry. Let us help you put the next generation of weaponry to the test.

Black Butte Range partnership was formed in July of 2017, and is made up of businessmen, entrepreneur and experienced muti-gun platform operators. This eclectic group was assembled with a mission to provide: The most technologically advance multi – gun platform to the public market place. Leveraging our 10-lane in-door range/facility provides our team and general public the ability to put this next generation of weaponry to the test.

Never again will you purchase a weapon/accessories with out having the option to test IT first.

We are a premier indoor shooting range. We offer a family friendly atmosphere and top quality amenities. So whether you are a serious competitor, just starting out, or anything in-between, stop in and check us out. Call us today! 406-294-5711



I am a Montana native from Fromberg with a passion for all things outdoors. I have a long history of experience in gun retail, gunsmithing and customization. I am a certified NRA instructor and the managing partner at Black Butte Range. I am also certified in basic pistol, in home personal defense and outside home personal defense. I look forward to seeing you at the range!



I am a Billings native who, since 2010 has been raising my family here. I have been in the Electrical industry for nearly 30 years, running electrical operations for successful businesses. Firearms are my passion, have grown up with them since I was 10 years old. After my son joined the Marines in 2014, I decided to actively pursue defensive and tactical handgun training with multiple facilities. I am a lifetime member at Front Sight. Over the past few years our family has enjoyed taking tactical and defense handgun courses together. For fun I enjoy listening to Cash, Cole, Haggard, Williams, and Jones. Spending the weekends 4 wheeling in my Jeep.



I was in the army for 8.5 years. During that time he achieved SPC rank and was awarded the combat infantryman badge while deployed in Afghanistan. I am an avid hunter, shooter, and all around outdoorsman. I am currently working on my advanced gunsmithing degree. I am a DOD (department of defense) firearms armor and I have been working with Black Butte Range since 2016, prior to its acquisition.