5 Reasons to Take a Concealed Carry Class

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5 Reasons to Take a Concealed Carry Class

Taking a Concealed Carry Class is the First Step

What if you could become your own first responder? This would allow you to take control of your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones. If you’re serious about learning self-protection, it’s time to apply for a concealed carry permit. A concealed carry class is often the first experience in firearms for newcomers. Knowing what’s in store makes taking the class all the more valuable.

First things first, a concealed carry class allows its students to get the proper training to apply for a permit to carry a weapon, this does not give them all the training they need to be competent gunmen. Firearm proficiency comes from hours of training both on and off the range. Contrary to popular belief, a threatening situation will not make you rise to the occasion but instead revert to your lowest level of training.

Take a Concealed Carry Class Locally From the Instructors at Black Butte Range

If you’ve registered for our first CCW class coming up March 17th, you’re on your way to becoming a concealed carrier! Here are a couple of things you’ll need:

  • Pen & Paper: It’s a lot of information and you may want to refer back to what you learned
  • Handgun (if you have your own): Don’t have a gun? We’ll rent you one for the live-fire portion of the class
  • Ammo: You’ll need about 200 rounds

Why take a concealed carry class you ask? Well, in short, it could save your life. But if you need a few more reasons keep reading. A concealed carry class is one of the first steps you can take towards expanding your gun knowledge, improving your self-defense plan, and mitigating future risks. Any proficient concealed carrier hones their skills at the range, but a CCW class taught by an NRA certified handgun instructor can take firearm skills to the next level. You can expect to cover firearm and ammunition mechanics, loading, storage, concealed carry holsters, carrying methods, loading and reloading, malfunctions, negligent discharges, gun safety, and firearms laws in Montana

  1. Knowledge Might Save Your Life

While you may think that a concealed carry class is all about shooting, your sadly mistaken… much of this class is taught in a classroom and the knowledge you’ll gain is invaluable. Our instructors are responsible for signing off on your understanding of concealed carry both in practice and legally. While the classroom setting may induce drowsiness, our instructors work hard to keep you entertained and prepared for the live-fire portion of the class. This is some of the most important material you can get and it’ll help you to stay within the confines of the law and be safe.

  1. Meet Your New Practice Partner

While growing up around firearms may give you some understanding of their power, it shouldn’t give you an ego. A concealed carry class is not about impressing anyone. Conversely, it’s about no one knowing that you might be carrying a gun. The students of these courses are there because they want to learn. Save everyone an eye roll and try to keep the macho act to a minimum.  

  1. Proficiency Comes with Practice

Just because you’ve taken a CCW doesn’t mean you’re skills will stick with you forever. Consistent training is key outside the classroom to practice what you’ve learned. Practicing situational awareness is key to skill at arms. Running through exercises to observe your surroundings and work through theoretical situations will bolster your training immensely.

  1. Understand the Law

Our CCW class will educate you about Montana laws and when deadly force can be used. Learn what is considered “brandishing” and what is punishable by law. A CCW class will teach you everything you need to know to keep yourself out if jail if you ever need to use your weapon for self-defense.

  1. Simplified Firearm Purchases

The ATF requires a background check for every weapon purchase, not just every person, every addition a person makes to their firearm collection. Some states, including Montana, are willing to utilize your CCW license as a replacement for a background check as getting a CCW requires a background check to obtain the license. Every gun purchase comes with some paperwork, but waiting on an additional background check becomes null with a CCW making your newest firearm purchase a faster process.

As pointed out above, getting a CCW license is beneficial for keeping firearm owners and others safe. A firearm is a self-defense instrument which commands respect. Understanding how to use a weapon, how to carry it, and how it works are a just a few reasons why taking a CCW course is good for everyone.

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