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3 Myths of Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is a hot topic, even among gun enthusiasts. What you see in the movies or television is quite different from what really happens. Here are three myths about concealed carry that need to be busted. A Concealed Carry Permit Is Enough to Carry Safely Going through the concealed carry training gives you the legal authority to carry your…

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Handgun Care and Maintenance

A concealed carry weapon takes a lot of abuse, even if you never fire it. Guns that are carried inside clothing pick up lint. Some weapons are carried close to the body, which exposes them to sweat, moisture and dirt. These guns get banged more easily than your range-only guns. High temperatures from body heat and the outside can dry…

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4 ways to Improve Your Long-Range Shooting Skills

Ever since mankind has had the weaponry to go after long-range targets, there has been a need and a desire to improve accuracy so as to ensure greater success. If you’re a hunter or a subsistence dweller, accuracy at long ranges is critical to your success, and possibly even to your survival. Basically, success at hitting long-range targets all boils…

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