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Choosing the Right Defensive Handgun When Children Are In The Home

Choosing the Right Defensive Handgun When Children Are in the Home

When choosing a handgun to use as a method of home defense, you must consider far more than just the look and feel of the handgun. You must think about more than just the caliber, too. You need to think about safety, and this is especially true for those who happen to have children in the home.

Kids tend to be curious, and even when you have a spot that you believe is safe for your firearms, even a safe, you will want to have added layers of protection to keep your little ones protected. Choosing the right defensive handgun will help with that. Some of the most popular types of firearms are the semiautomatic handguns, such as a Glock, that doesn’t have a traditional safety. Instead, they have guns with a trigger safety mechanism. Many of these will also have lightweight trigger pulls.

When you are choosing a handgun, you should consider those that have heavier trigger pulls. A double-action revolver with a heavier trigger pull – somewhere around 12lb – can be difficult for a child to squeeze, as well. Having manual safeties on semiautomatic pistols is generally a good idea, as well. Some options will have both a grip safety and a manual thumb safety.

If you have a safe, keep your handguns locked up. If you have a firearm that you carry with you regularly, or that you want to keep out of a safe, it should be in a holster that is difficult for the child to operate, and it should be out of reach of the child.

The safety of your children is always the most important element to consider when you are choosing a handgun to use for home defense. Compare the safety features of the handguns that interest you and let that help guide your decision.

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