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Gun Fundamentals: Cleaning your Everyday-Carry Glock Pistol
August 22, 2017
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Common Jamming Problems

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Many gun owners experience issues with their firearms while out hunting or in the shooting range. Gun jamming refers to a host of issues that you may experience with your gun, including mechanical problems, poor ammunition, and other related issues that cause the firearm not to operate properly.

There are several common issues that can lead to a gun jamming. Being aware of these problems and how to handle them will enable you to operate your firearm more effectively.

Feeding problems

A common reason for a gun jamming is improperly feeding the next round into the chamber. This can arise due to lacking a firm grip on the gun while firing, causing the whole object to recoil. This could lead to misplacement of the new round when it is loaded.

You can solve an improper feed by clearing the chamber or dropping the entire magazine before proceeding.

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