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February 26, 2018
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Defensive Handguns For Women

Safety is an important concern for women today as there are many situations where a women want an extra layer of protection.  Handguns are one option that is available for women to carry or have at home to feel a little safer. For those who are interested in buying a handgun for self-defense, it can seem daunting to go to the store and sort through all of the options. There are several things one should consider during the buying process.

  • Size: It is tempting to get the smallest handgun available so that it will be discreet and easy to tuck away. However, smaller handguns are often difficult to shoot. It is also important to make sure it is comfortable to hold.
  • Power: It may seem important to get a powerful handgun, but in reality for defensive purposes all handguns are powerful enough in nearly all situations.
  • Usability and safety features: It is important that the gun is reliable, easy to use when under stress and has safety features that work well.

Here are a few steps to take before making your purchase:

  1. Take a gun safety class to familiarize yourself with guns if this is the first time you’ve owned a gun or rifle.
  2. Go to a gun store that has a shooting range attached
  3. Ask the clerk at the store for his recommendations based on how you want to use the gun for defense (either conceal and carry or to stay at your house)
  4. Pick out a few handguns that seem to fit well and are easy to use and try them out at the attached shooting range
  5. Practice the following tasks several times:
      • Taking the safety on and off
      • Shooting the target
      • Loading and unloading the cartridges

Make sure the handgun you choose meets all of your needs. There is no reason to settle with all the choices available. Once you have made your purchase, be sure to practice at shooting ranges regularly so you continue to feel comfortable with using the gun if ever needed.

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