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Gun Fundamentals: Cleaning your Everyday-Carry Glock Pistol

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Starting with your disassembled glock, spray some cleaning solution to the slide and inside of the barrel (with the barrel pointed down). Pay careful attention to the area around the barrel where the spring goes, around the bridge face and inside of the rails of the pistol.

Next, spray the cleaner onto the barrel Using the brush, be sure to clean all around the edges. To clean the inside of the barrel, take a patch of cloth and spray it with a cleaning solution. Insert the cloth inside of the barrel, and using the palmer cleaning rod, push the cloth through the barrel to clean any excess carbon or debris.

Add cleaner to the spring and clean that as well. Spray inside of the trigger housing and in the dust cover and begin to brush the area to remove any excess debris. Again brush thoroughly in the rails as that’s where the carbon tends to build up.  Using the brush, clean the area thoroughly. Be careful to spray in every open area, including small gaps, in the trigger housing assembly and in the dust cover.

Wipe down all of the parts that were sprayed with the cleaning solution.  Use a thin rod to guide the cloth while wiping the inside of frame, the railings on the glock and all of the other parts.  Also be sure to clean inside of the extractor hook because carbon tends to get trapped inside.


Add lubricant (one drop of oil) to the connector which is located where the connector meets the trigger bar. Add lubricant to the slide – one drop of oil where barrel runs and one drop on each side of the rails (and allow it to run down the barrel.)  Also, add lubricant to the external part of the barrel so that it is fully lubricated.

Reassemble the gun, testing it to make sure the sliders move without resistance and that the magazine rod is free of any excess oil.


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