Jerome Hall

Jerome Hall is a Montana native. He has had a passion for guns since he was a young boy. He started his gunsmithing career shortly after joining the Army in 2006. When Jerome joined the Army, it was as an Infantrymen.

In his army career he learned how to use, disassemble, function check, and repair a multitude of guns.
He was deployed to Afghanistan where he was appointed platoon armorer. In his appointment, he was tasked with ensuring that the platoon weapons were in good working order, this meant that each weapon had to be cared for with attention to exact detail.

After returning to the United States in 2010 Jerome was appointed the Company armorer position. With that appointment Jerome he attended the Small Arms Repair Course at Joint Base Lewis McCord. There he learned how to completely disassemble, repair, and reassemble all government weapons.

Jerome - Gunsmith Services
gunsmith - Gunsmith Services

Jerome spent the rest of his time as the Company armorer 2010-2014. Jerome deployed back to Afghanistan in the same role. Upon returning to the states he was assigned to a unit in Alaska to fill the role of Company Armorer.

At Black Butte’s Indoor Range as the lead gunsmith, Jerome has built many rifles for customers. He has even built a few long-range guns that the shooter was able to reach one thousand yards in 3 shots. Jerome is very knowable on guns and is quick to answer any question for customers. He is very helpful no matter your passion level, long range, competitive, or hunting for the first time Jerome is here to help.

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