Black Butte Range

Handgun Maintenance

2 Hour Course

Learning how to clean your handgun can extend its life! Learn how to safely and effectively clean your handgun to ensure top performance for years to come.

  • How to properly unload your handgun.
    The proper way to clean your disassembled handgun.
    How to identify excessively worn or broken parts.
    How to properly lubricate your handgun.
    How to perform a function check to ensure your handgun is reassembled correctly and ready for use.

Required Equipment

  • Course Includes A Cleaning Kit And Cleaning Mat


“Great guys over there. Nice range. Clean. Good prices. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an indoor range or even a new shooter to go and practice!”

– Dalton Jay Dvorak

“I’m looking into purchasing a new handgun and this is THE PLACE to go to rent a variety of handguns to see what you like before purchasing. Great customer service. Jerome was so helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Based on what I told him I was looking for, he recommended a pistol that I probably wouldn’t have tried and it ended up being my favorite! Would definitely go back again!”

– Chandra Mullins LaFrentz

“Andrew runs a top-notch shop and range. I appreciate the time he is putting to give Billings the true indoor range experience and utilizing his resources to add value to his classes and gunsmithing add ons. Check it out!”

– Andrew Lauckner