Black Butte Range

Basic 2 Defensive skills

What You Can Expect To Learn

The Basic 2 Course will focus on the techniques needed to develop a defensive mindset. The goal of the course will be to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry and use a concealed handgun ethically, responsibly, and with confidence.

As a result of participating in this course, the student will be able to explain and demonstrate the following: Safe gun handling when carrying a concealed firearm, basic principles of concealment, the difference between cover and concealment, drawing from the holster, levels of mental awareness, developing the proper mindset when using a handgun for personal protection, clearing common stoppages, use of pocket handguns, and more.


  • Safe Gun Handling
  • Defensive Shooting Principles
  • Remedial action
  • Safe Gun Draw &
  • Re-Holster


  • Firearm Manipulation Skills
  • Introduction To Defensive Shooting
  • Reloading Techniques
  • Drawing & Firearm Presentations
  • Cadence Of Fire
  • Weapons Retention


  • Center Fire Handgun (Rentals Available)
  • 2 Extra Magazines & Mag Pouches Or Speed Loaders And Pouches
  • Strong Side OWB Holster
  • 200 Rounds of Ammo (minimum)
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection (you can rent from us)


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